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Our Projects

Southern Ground-Hornbill Project

Zaagkuilsdrift Bird Sanctuary and Lodge is part of  the  Southern Ground-Hornbill Recovery Programme and all Southern Ground-Hornbills on the farm are registered on the PAAZAB studbook and as such are managed through the PAAZAB African Preservation Programme. Our facility was of  those chosen for captive breeding to help build a conservation insurance population with adequate genetic diversity with the potential for contribution to the reintroduction programme. The enclosures were specifically designed for the long-term housing of Ground-Hornbills.

Ground Hornbill

Wattled Crane Project

Wattled cranes are almost extinct and therefor we received three 7-months old chicks from the Wattle Crane Recovery Program (KZN Wild Life, KZN Crane Foundation, PAAZA, JHB Zoo & Endangered Wild Life Trust) The birds will be raised with the purpose of breeding more birds in captivity as to build a sustainable population in captivity, which eventually may lead to some being released back into the wild. This bird is the larges crane in Africa.